The 20 Most Iconic Diners in Chicago, 2018 Edition

Fancy fine dining and the city's hottest new spots are always a pleasure, but sometimes all one really wants is a well-made omelet. Chicago's all-encompassing restaurant scene boasts plenty of greasy spoons that are ready to serve classic diner fare at all hours of the day. Whether guests need a late-night pick-me-up or a hangover cure, these old-fashioned joints are more than happy to oblige. After all, a cheap and filling meal will never go out of style. Listed in alphabetical order.


Palace Grill

Located just minutes from the United Center, Palace Grill feeds fans before and after Blackhawks and Bulls games. Nosh on “heart stopper” breakfast sandwiches at any hour of the day or classics like meatloaf, mac and cheese, and fish and chips. (THAT GOOD GOOD)

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