Tips That'll Save You Some Serious Money On Groceries

"Honestly, my best tip is not to do all your shopping at one store. Milk might be cheaper at one store compared to the other. My local grocery chain can be expensive, but sometimes sale prices are better on certain items. I shop at the stores close to my house so I'm not running all over town just to save fifty cents though."

—Elizabeth Westmoreland, Facebook

"ALWAYS make a list and then stick to it. Anytime I go to the market without a prepared list I end up browsing every aisle and buying things I really don't need."


I get the same things almost every time Nikkije, but one time I was at Trader Joe's and grabbed a little something called Cookie Butter. AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE NIKKIE!!! So making lists doesn't ALWAYS work. That said, good advice.  


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