Can We Just Forget Fergie Messed Up And Move On?

Ok, Fergie's national anthem was bad. But can we let it go.

Even Roseanne, known for the previous worst rendition thinks hers was better. 

The national anthem isn't a song everyone can sing well and yes Fergie proved that. I just dislike the stigma that goes along singing that song. 

If you screw up the words everyone talks about you but over time they forget, if you're great people love it, talk about it the next day but mostly forget a week later. But if you sound bad or worse than bad, people remember FOREVER. It's like you can never be forgiven. It stays with you.

Fergie may not have given a great vocal performance, but she shouldn't be written off because of it. SHE'S FERGALICIOUS DAMMIT!!

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